Not an ordinary love. 

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. 

I never believed in racing beats, red hearts, love and all that. It was always mushy to me, I was always running from thee. But from the second I looked at you, I knew. All the songs, all the happy endings were made for this. At times it is overwhelming, whenever I think about you. It has always been simple, my life and my decisions. But not anymore. There are times when I miss you so bad, I want to see you right then. 

Home feels so afar. When once it was easy, now it only feels like I have been torn apart. Apart from you, my best I left with you. I miss you everyday, my friends here tell me I will get used to this distance. This distance, my days are spent counting the days. The distance, I just might not survive. 

There are days when I think I am better off without you, for you are a nemesis to me. Something I can’t live with or without. I even tried dedicating Ross’s song to Rachel, to you. But insane love is best left to them. 

40 days, 21 hours and some minutes. 

I finally ring you at your home. We fix our date, you bring along some cake. I sit, staring down at my plate. Suddenly, my room door is thrown open, and in, come my friends. And now I will have to share. My love story gone wrong. 

Sorry, but this was not about a guy. I was merely talking about Pizza. Pizza, I miss you. 


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