Never settle. 

Settling is never an option. Settling is for medieval ages. It would have been fine, maybe, a century ago but there is no fit for settlers in this century and age. You are here now and someplace else in a moment. Move along and move fast should be the motto. Leave behind what leaves you. Past is just a memory. There is no space for unhappiness in this day and age. Unhappy with your life? Change. Satisfaction is the ultimate goal. The thing that completes you is the only need of the hour. Permanency is archaic. Dynamacity is the main game player. 

Why moan and bemoan of things bygone? You weren’t born then; you did not witness the fire being invented, its existence was marked before your time, just like so many other things. So why lose sleep over what is long gone? You are from a time full of chaos and you know nothing but that. You should be able to survive and do more than just that. Thrive. Fickle is just a word, do not let opinions hold you back. It is the 21st century and decisions are the result of a split second. Spontaneity now holds the key. So go out there and make your mark. Don’t let time chain you. Free yourself from the clutches of destiny. For Shakespeare had rightly said, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”


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