The Best Damn Thing.

It has been a while since last I heard her song. The one song that took me back, flashes of memories at lightning speed come to my mind. Long blond locks with pink streaks, Gothic eyes and everything else about her that was pure punk. And oh, how everything about it appealed to me. My mother bought me hair accessories so that I could dress up like her, after relentless nagging of course. There was so much about her that was different from who I was. Me, the timid and extremely awkward teenager; she, the bold and extremely headstrong girl. And boy, that attracted me so much so that she became my idol. I would come home from school, switch on my computer (yes, those days) and play her songs all day long. It even got my parents worried. But I was ecstatic. I had finally found something that spoke to me in ways no-one else ever had. Her songs made me wish I had a love I could dedicate that ‘happy ending’ song to, a best friend I could say ‘Hold on’ to, she even made me want to change myself (What the Hell, right?). All grown up now, somewhere down the line I had forgotten all about my obsession. I grew up, physically but mentally as well. But her one song brought back all those memories and just like that, I fell in love with her voice all over again. And I felt it would be just right that I write about her as a small dedication to the woman who inspired me to be bold, to live my life the way I want.  


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