Who are we? 

Life is a hurricane. A whirlwind of possibilities. Sheer chaos all around. Some drown, few stay afloat, others learn to swim, and those who do, are envied by the rest.

Every being on Earth is struggling, fighting their own demon. Who am I to say that my fight is greater than yours? My struggle is real but so is yours. Your pain isn’t bigger than mine, no. But neither is your happiness more important than mine. 

We are all atoms and bones. Muscles and flesh. Who am I to judge how you love? Who are you to tell me who to love? Your choices are not my burden. My life is not a reflection of yours. 

Who are you to tell me how to live? Who am I to tell you how to dream? You matter but so do I. My success isn’t your failure, never. Your actions are not my responsibility. 

This world is big enough for all of us to survive in. To love and to hurt. Gain and lose. To live and die in. Why burn, fire and hell, when there is so much to share. Forgive and love, after all we are all humans. 


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