The Maze. 

10 years ago,  I wouldn’t recognize myself. And I am fairly certain that I still wouldn’t, 10 years from now. Life is a maze filled with highs and lows. Happiness and sadness. Getting to the exit is the end. So much has changed since I first entered this maze and so much more has to change. How can we ever be the same, when, each moment reaches out to a different us? Seeks within you something you didn’t know existed. Is it love? Is it joy? Is it vulnerability or maybe the expanse of kindness filled,  hidden inside of you? Maybe I am wrong and life is nothing like I ever imagined. Maybe we are all puppets at the hands of some higher beings. Because this is the only answer to all the hate, the indifference, the pain and all the heartbreak still alive inside all of us. But is that so wrong? To be black and white? Rain and sunshine? Why cant we be two sides of the same coin? Why not be all shades of grey yet so colourful? Why define ourselves, or anything pertaining to life for that matter? Why not just let things be? Why change that? And why resist change? The questions are so simple, don’t you think? The answers so elusive. Living in the moment and going wherever the wind blows is my refuge. From chaos comes calm, after the storm comes silence. And it all makes me wonder if it is the same for you too? 


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