People often comment, you are such a happy person. They ask me if I am really as content in life as I seem to be. They talk about me, discuss behind my back saying, ‘Nah it is all pretence’. Something is amiss. But is it really?

 I myself wonder many a times.. Why is happiness regarded as unachievable? Why is everybody in awe and disbelieves anyone who seems to be? Why do I feel so frightened right after I have had a good laugh, afraid that things might fall apart? Why are our dreams considered so out of reach? 

Is it the world we live in that makes us look at things and think, impossible? 

 Is it because we have lost all hope and are tired to the depth of our souls? 

Or maybe we have failed too many times, lost a few hundred times. And now do not possess the strength to start again? 

I think not.

I wake up everyday, to a new day and a brand new hope. I go out and see a world that is beautiful and breathtaking. I see the birds, see the raindrops hanging from my window sill. Oh, what wonderful and magical things that possess me! Somethings that make me forget everything, make living worth it, make all my dreams seem within reach. 

How can I blame the world then and accuse it of ugliness? 

How can I lose hope and not try to hold on? 

How can I give up on everything and sleep without dreams? 

What I am trying to say is that happiness is in the everyday things, in little things and big moments. It is in the moment when I wake up to find that the school is closed for the day due to rains. It is in the feeling I get when I meet my bestfriend after a year. I find it while looking into the eyes of my pup, while singing at the top of my voice, while laughing so loud that I end up snorting like a walrus.

 Happiness. I don’t go searching for it because it is always present. Always there. At the back of our minds. In the depth of our souls. Flowing through our hearts. All I, we need, is to recognize it. 


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