Here we go again. 


I wasn’t going to write on this anymore, well, mostly because I have already dedicated quite a few articles on this topic and fought and argued, and even broke up friendships where I couldn’t see eye to eye but something happened that prompted me to write again, and so I will. Again and again, write, fight and argue till the world sets itself right!

What is this war that we have with the word feminism? And why? Do we not understand it or are we just ignorant?

Well, I hope it is the latter because we have all been through phases of ignorance, haven’t we? No one’s to be blamed but our youth for such an appalling ignorance! Right? Right!

For, were it not for our limited exposure we wouldn’t have under valued the struggle our ‘female’ ancestors had to face while fighting for some really basic rights, like the right to education for girls.

I know it is boring when we go on and on about equality and empowerment, I mean shut up already, right? But it was painful, and oh I mean literally, what they went through to ensure that we have the right to vote.

( I mean just google the term ‘suffrage movement’ and if you get bored halfway through, you can continue watching the new episode of Orange is the New Black, the Emmy winner, yaay! )

We wonder, it was all right back then, back in the 20th century but why are we still talking about equality? We fought, we achieved it, move on please! But I wonder even more why we are still struggling to explain a simple and self explanatory word ‘No’ to the men. Well, some men, not all men! Of course.

Or how about equal wages? Sitting in our cool office corner desks, how would we feel if our boy friend (or male friend, whatever!) with lower grades but same profile gets a higher wage than us? Does not feel so good does it? The reality is stark and we are hiding behind a thin line of protection. A protection that maybe our parents, our friends, or the feminists (dude remember the rallies and protests way way before we were born!) have provided us with. One shake and it would crumble. Because reality hits everyone eventually. And man, it is not pretty!

Call us what you like, names and opinions do not make or break us. But I reserve the right to, always, call you out whenever you hide behind your ignorace. We females are a force to reckon with and if you do not want to believe in us or if you are one of those females who thinks it is trendy to negate feminism, we feel sorry for you. Yes, yes we do!


4 thoughts on “Here we go again. ”

  1. Oh ! How I hope and pray that people just open their google before they open their dumb mouths.. well, the reality is harsh we have such people around us who would still talk nonsense just to act cool, but girl you keep up the great words coming maybe just maybe someone will change their opinion and make it all worthwhile 😉

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  2. The fact that the word feminist had to be brought up so often is a shame in itself!!! There isn’t a word like “MINIST”… Even google says that there is no opposite to feminism in existence!!!


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