My love.


I fell in love for the first time when I was in the 9th grade, wholly and headfirst. Growing up I had already read plenty of Jane Austen books to have a dreamy sketche of how it should be. But nothing prepared me for how it would feel when I looked into his dark hazel eyes for the first time. No book ever suggested that love could be the sleepless nights you spent worrying over her happinesss.

Love was when I had to share my food with him. (Earlier, like Joey I hated sharing my sandwiches too.)

Love was the pride that filled my heart when my friends ooo-ed and aah-ed at her.

Love was crying my heart out when he ate rat poison accidentally. And the buckling relief when he was alright.

Love was running after her with all the speed I could muster and watching her crazy ears flapping in the wind.

Love is getting angry at him because he pooped in my room AGAIN.

Love is scolding her because she went on a chewing spree and they were the third pair of school shoes I bought in a month. Thank fully it wasn’t my homework!

Love is the sulking little monster because she did not get her way and love is the way he lights up when I come home.

Love is made of the two bundles ruling over my house and its occupants! Love is them, wholly and completely.
People often wonder what love is, some spend their whole life in indifference. Some find love and some spend their whole lives looking for somebody to love.

I know there are people who cannot bear dogs, who find them messy and a pain. I won’t argue; adopting a dog is hardwork but also the best feeling in the world. You wouldn’t know love until your whole life revolves around somebody other than your own self. Mine revolves around two of the most precious ones on Earth, Rusty & Molly!


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