Why no one talks about this? 


Its been a really long and tiring day. I close my eyes and daydream about my bed and its comforting curves. The elevator doors open bring me out of my reverie. Seated, I bring out my earphones and soon resume my daydreaming amidst the blaring horns of traffic. I lose track of time and before long find myself jerking awake to the taxi’s brakes. Turning off my Ipod, I  silence a lonesome singer, and get off. Walking inside gives me little comfort. Why? I ask myself confused. I have been waiting to hide away from the world since morning, haven’t I? Maybe I should try and eat something first. It is the hunger, I proclaim.

Before I realize it is midnight. In front of me is an empty bag of chips, a messy plate with leftovers, and the half eaten pizza I had from last night. The TV screen is rolling ending credits of some movie I do not remember watching. Maybe I am tired.

As I turn off the lights and lie on my bed, I feel a sudden burst of energy, of optimism. Tomorrow will be better. Suddenly my sleep vanishes and so I mentally start forming plans and chart out lists upon lists of things to do. Call my friends and catch up maybe? Maybe.

Before I know it, it is dawn. It descended so stealthily that I barely had time to cope up. And so I close my eyes and wake up to the sound of the alarm. The only time that my phone rings nowadays.

The daily struggle ensues. Struggle to keep my eyes open, struggle to keep my calm, struggle to keep at bay the frustration building up inside of me, struggle to hide my anxious desire to escape. Another day, another day because today doesn’t seem like my day. But each day is the same. Always the same!

Around 350 million people suffer from depression worldwide, which makes up for 5% of world’s population.

It has been found that depression doesn’t have one single cause. And brain chemistry, hormones, genetics and personal risk factors may all play a role.

Why is something so prevalent neglected? Why don’t we seek help? Why is this disorder still considered a taboo?

Mental health disorders, especially depression, are associated with more than 90% of all cases of suicides.

Let us break this taboo by talking about it, learning about it and doing something about it.


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