The tired feminist

On this International Women’s Day I would like to stake a stand, for me. I say I am done, done with everything, with being a feminist. I don’t want to go about correcting every hypocritical way our society puts down its women, no. I am done and I am tired. I don’t want to stand on my rooftop and scream with frustration everytime someone tells me I can’t or shouldn’t because I am a woman. I am done and I want to live. Live my life on my terms without having to fight people at every step. And I start today of all days.. My life begins today, everyday. 

I won’t care if you are staring at my legs when I wear a skirt. 

I won’t fight you for saying girls have it easy, just flash a smile. 

I won’t have patience for anybody telling me to correct my attitude in front of the society.

I won’t listen to people suggesting I was a lead on to the guy talking to four other girls simultaneously. 

I won’t let you bully me into following your lifestyle after marriage. 

I won’t take up your suggestions about my career choices. 

I won’t deal with you anymore if you try to step on my dignity. 

I won’t obey the rules you have made for me. 

I won’t let you advise me on which guy I should or shouldn’t date. 

I won’t let your confused energy play with my mind. 

I won’t settle for anything less than what I want.

Never again.

But certainly..

I will cut you off when you try to point out all my mistakes.

I will show you, with my actions exactly what I am made of. 

I will point out all your flaws in your misunderstanding of me. 

I will build a future by my rules, my choices, my mistakes but without you. I will trust myself, for I am the only constant in my life.

But today I give up being a feminist. I just want to be me. Just a woman. Just me! 


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