The things I hate.

You probably dont’t care and I probably don’t mind but hate is a poison meant to be spread. And so I hate..


That my voice trembles and my hands shake whenever I try to speak. I hate that at times I feel so weak. Mostly I hate that I still think of myself as a strong person.

That my phone has to buzz all day in order for me to be thought of as someone important. I hate the fact that I think I am important nonetheless. 

That in order to be cool?.. I have to be unfazed, and never admit to anything that scares, excites or impresses me. I hate that I think despite all the things that scare, excite and impress me, I am pretty cool. 

That I don’t have fairer skin, bigger eyes or longer hair. I hate that I don’t look like the girls in the movie. But I hate that I still think I am beautiful. 

That I don’t know the end, the beginning or the middle of things. I hate that I can be as dazed as a person can be. But most of all I hate that I love my life regardless of things. 

That I hate so much. That all I know since birth till, probably, death, is so much hatred. But I still hate hate. 

 But I..

Refuse to let the hate spread to my heart, flow in my veins or destroy my brain. 

Wont let the hate change my world, my dreams or me. 

I am me, despite me. Despite hate. 

Sometimes I feel hate is inside me. I am hate. Sometimes it is present in the air I breathe. 

And so I hate, hate some more. But hate I must before I sleep. For hate spreads, spreads like fire. 


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