They tell me what to feel, how to be. They are my friend, my boyfriend, the woman I met on the street, my neighbour, my teacher, a stranger. 

They speak with their eyes or upturned mouths. But speak they must! 


They warn me not to dream. For all a girl has, is her limitations and limits never fullfil dreams. 

They tell me it is too late, that I shouldn’t wait. For all a girl has, is her beauty and a ripe age. 

They call me undesirable, for I speak with eyes that meet, and nerves of steel. For all a girl can be, is shy and submissive. 

They ask me not to think, for I know not of the wolves that lurk. For all a girl can be, is perfect and perfection has no room for mistakes.  

Sometimes I rebel. Break out of the mould they carved. 

I fall, I fail. 

Then they tell me not to try, for all a girl can ever be is the rule. Never the exception.

And so I try more. I keep trying till one day, I break the mould. And change the rules. 

And so I dream and climb the mountains. 

And so I wait and marry at 49. 

And so I do Karate and stand up for me. 

And so I make mistakes and learn from them. 

For I know now that the wolf lurks within them. And that one day I will save myself from them.

And so I try, again and again. And I fail till I succeed.


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