Ignorance is bliss. 

I dreamt once in colour, now all I see is a world, black and white. 

We all were kids, soft and kind. When we slept we would surround our tiny warm bodies with mama’s warmth and daddy’s strength, with even tinier stuffed animals of all shapes and colours. We loved our animals, didn’t we?  How did we get from there to here, in a time warp of cruelty? How did we change their destiny? Surely, we must be Gods.

It was when we decided that Leopards were kept by witches, that we hunted the Zanzibar Leopard to extinction.

It was when killing them was fun, a game, a sport so brave, that we hunted the Pyrenean Ibex to non-existence.

How would you feel if someone destroyed your home, brought down your roofs and your old four walls?

What would you say if someone cut off your nose and skinned you for your beautiful soft skin?

Would you cry or would you resign yourself to your fate? After all, we are all bound by science and Darwin says Survival of the fittest only.

Why not ask the Little Blue Macaw? How about the West African Black Rhino whose ghost still lurks around in Cameroon? No, enough said but not enough done. 

The Industrial Revolution made us nearly say goodbye to the Flying Squirrel. Funny aren’t we? We deemed the Gray Wolf as dangerous, waged a war on them and from 2 million, they are now a mere 5443. Victory! 

But we woke up just in time. Or did we? Imagine a world where we talk about our past, where we tell tales of the majestic African Savannah Elephant and the Gray Whale. Of Giant Pandas and Gorillas. Where the zoos are empty and museums overwhelming. Where all we have to show for ourselves are carcasses and googled images of days past. But that is a talk for the future. Let’s sleep a while, rest our minds. For Ignorance is bliss.



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