Tear off that mask. Your face is glorious- Rumi

I know him. That man, that tall guy standing there, that fat woman laughing here, the pig with his tail all curled up, that ship that just landed on top of the tower. Distorted. Reality, the mind, everything. 

Who that woman? I don’t know, but no, wait, I follow her on Twitter.

Oh look, that kid, he has fallen, needs our help. Hell no. I only know him because of that game, Dota. 

Oh wow. He’s so hot. Know him? Yes yes. Wait, what? Oh I sent him a request and he accepted, facebook.

That bitch. Who? My girlfriend just cheated on me. Who? The girl I swiped right on Tinder.

How could you? Forgot my birthday! No I didn’t. Call you back? Check calender. Call services, plan a party. Throw suprise, saved. 

It is such a beautiful world that we live in. Survive in. With such beautiful people for company. For survival. Humans are familiar, the world a little smaller.

Technology is our ally but our foe. Internet makes us fast paced. He knows everybody. He knows what they are guilty of, what they love, who they cry for. He uses it. Like the girl who travels the world or the man who just started his startup or the old lady who loves to cook. The kid? What kid? We all just grow up.

My life? A blurr. Who am I? Someone who wants to keep up with life. Someone who still has a kid inside of her heart. Someone who wants to see an end to this warfare. Someone who might never win. 

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master – Christian Lous Lange


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