Someplace I now call home.


If light is in your heart, you will find your way home – Rumi

Dear Diary,

I know its been quite sometime since I last wrote to you and I am sorry. I had been busy traveling. Traveling to what I deemed a better world. Traveling to where I thought would be the end of all worries. Traveling to the future. But now I am back, back home and not just my body but I bring with me, my mind and soul. Finally home.

Do you know..

Of all the time wasted on searching for love, do you know that love gets lost somewhere? Love is ruthless but love becomes convenience. Love is a cure for loneliness. Love is business.

Of all the time wasted on finding happiness, do you know it is an illusion? Happiness is a burden but everyone is happy. Happiness is a synonym for money. Happiness is overrated.

Of all the time wasted on finding your calling, do you know that dying is an easier choice? Passions are empty but everyone is working. Work is a synonym for passion. Passion is easily found.

Of all the time wasted on finding your peace of mind, do you know they never could find it? Peace exists but its in not feeling anything. Peace is a synonym for insensitivity. Peace exists.

I am back now, finally and forever. Of all the time I spent, wasting, on a want for a better world I found my love, happiness, true calling and peace in the present, the now. No more traveling into the future for I am home now.


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