I am

It took me way too long, countless mistakes and experiences; endless nights of sleeplessness; never ending discussions and advises to finally realize I am more, so much more.
But more than what?
I am more than the test I failed in my 8th grade.
I am more than the dance competition I didn’t win.
Sometimes I was less but that made me  more, so much more than the other girl;
the girl who won the beauty contest, the one who didn’t call me after I banged my car against the tree.

Maybe its my modesty which makes me more. Or maybe even the child in me who refuses to grow up. Maybe its all the nights I refused to give up that make me more but I am more.

I am more than the night I threw up everywhere because I got drunk.
I am more than I was when I first met him.
I am even more than the girl he dated after dumping me.

I am something more and a bit less than everybody I have met and dreamed about because I am ME.


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