My letter to a lost soul.

Dear human,
We have so many set theories and values of how we should live our lives that we often forget to live. Somewhere in the midst of growing up we lose our innocence, the child within us grows up. Dont let that happen to you. Never! Somewhere on the path of moving along with life we forget to dance, to sing, to feel. Dont give up on that. Just don’t!
You owe it to yourself to feel the joy that comes from watching the first drops of rain fall outside your window, after a hot and long summer, even if it makes you late for your work. You owe it to yourself to sleep in and miss that extremely important unmissable class you had that morning. It’s ok, it’s alright. Everything is ok, if you let it.
We often quote Dr Suess ” I am not crazy, my reality is just different than yours” but maybe its perfectly fine to be just that, crazy. Why are you so hell bent on proving otherwise. You want something, anything, you go for it. They might or might not understand and that is ok. You dont have to change yourself for others. You dont have to spend time on explaining your life decisions to anyone else. No. You dont. Life is way too short for that, aint it? Get busy living, living for yourself. If not now, when?

#LostSoul #Hope #Dream #life


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