Can we be who we want to be?


“To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe.” – Anatole Francis


We are born with an empty canvas in our heads. Our dreams, our experiences with life, paints that canvas in colors of who we really are.Our mistakes color it black, sometimes white. After all not all mistakes are mistakes, are they? We grow up with dreams of what could be, of what we could be. Dreaming in blue, green, yellow…they interplay in bringing us closer to our selves, our true selves; or maybe farther and farther away. Who knows? Who knows who we are meant to be. Were we here to serve a purpose as they say? Or are we all, just as Adam Levine laments, lost stars!

A friend once said that if we closed  our eyes real tight and wished real hard, we could be anyone we wanted to be. A spaceman, a fireman, hell even a superman at that! But no one wants to be Superman because everyone is in love with the dark, twisted yet good at heart, rich but oh-so-poor Batman. He is cool, real they say. An orphaned millionaire fuels the fantasy of millions. The struggle to keeping it real is more vicious than ever. No one wants to be the alien who can fly. There’s no logic hence no truth behind him. He doesn’t exist we say. Dreams are squashed under the weight of practicality and logic. Batman is more pragmatic, believable. His existence has a scientific explanation and so we accept him. The world is becoming black and white, our mind’s canvas is losing all its colors!



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