Blonde Ambition

I do not at all understand the mystery of grace- only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us

Anne Lamott

She was too much of a nerd, a little too sincere, a Plain Jane. History enthralled her and poems sang to her. Her teachers would give her example in class. She didn’t have any admirers like her friends did, no. She was an awkward teenager with pimples and braces and glasses, the whole full picture of plainness. Oh! she sure had her share of ‘guy’ friends who would call her during exams or before an important assignment or if she had befriended some hot girl. Sure.

Four years hence, she is in college now. She has grown into a beautiful woman and very popular among guys. But this is no fairy tale. People who once saw her for an intelligent girl now see her as a pretty face. Just that and nothing else. Assumptions are made instantly. For someone so pretty she couldn’t be that smart. She is obsessed with her looks they think. She wears makeup, dresses up a little for parties and so they call her empty-headed.

The world and its people see everything in black and white. They saw her for what she had become on the outside and forgot who she really was.


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