The last of everything.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

It is a beautiful life if your friends become your second family and I found mine in college. It was almost four years ago that I met them and the years have gone by. Now only a few months remain before we all take off into our own little worlds. But before we do, we have made a pact of capturing each day of our togetherness, stilling the memories in a picture. Today was the first day of our limited time, before our college ends.

We sat in our college garden, all smiles and clicked a selfie, followed by many, never fully satisfied with our pictures. Laughing at the child within us. And before we knew it we all had tears in our eyes not knowing when and how our hearts got intertwined but realizing that we shared a bond unbreakable by distance and time. That I had found a forever in six hearts and soulmates in 12 sets of beautiful eyes. 


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